We are a Christian agency

that sends Brazilians to experience different cultures abroad. The experience can be through studying English, volunteering, doing missions or working. Our goal through that is connecting Christians across the globe in order to expand the Kingdom and build the church.

We believe that traveling and being around a new culture is a great
opportunity for self-discovery and, as we do that, God is also revealed in a new way to us. This cultural exchange blesses the locals too, people with different histories and backgrounds, and creates a good opportunity for God's love to be shared and cherished throughout the globe. So whether Brazilians leave to study, work or volunteer, they will always be received by a church, a Christian family or an organization that will help them connect with the local culture and give them the support needed for a healthy adjustment. To ensure that, we have trusted partnerships around the globe which create the way for this beautiful cultural exchange.

To our partners around the globle!

We've come to understand that what we do is not very common in many
countries; therefore it might be difficult to understand the concept of our
existence and our service.

In Brazil, when someone wants to go abroad, usually for a specific purpose, they seek a cultural exchange program agency (that's what we are!). Paying for that service will help the students to feel safe about preparing all the paperwork and details for the journey. That is where we come in, we become the bridge between the student/worker/missionary/explorer and our partners. We help them choose the best destination considering their personality and interests, and we advertise our partner institutions and make them known to the Brazilians. We will spare you from the hard-to-understand Portuguese emails that may arrive at your institution, and also make it possible for whoever is interested in going there to understand how you work.

There are many agencies that already do this here in Brazil; however, we are the only Christian one. So, the way we view things and treat our clients is special and completely different from everyone else. We know that there are higher things that need to be taken into account, and we understand what type of support Brazilians seek and need. Most of Brazilians are afraid to go abroad, afraid of what they will encounter and afraid of not fitting in, so we help them to feel safe about all this while being our partners’ representation, too.

Our cultural
exchange programs


Mission exchange and volunteering on a missionary base in South Africa...


Temporary work exchange abroad. In this modality we work in...


This program is focused on the study of English and/or French for at least 02...

Study and work

This program is focused on the study of the English language or vocational courses. In this...

Academia do
Intercâmbio Cristão

CESE innovated again and created an environment for learning and sharing cultural experiences. At Academia, our travelers will be able to learn about what a cultural exchange experience is, they will be prepared for this experience, learning the best tips from the most experienced people on the subject - even before deciding where they want to go!

Our method was created by our team and is inspired by current, coherent, and Christ-centered literature. Through our personal experience in many countries, we noticed that the result of a well-succeeded cultural exchange program is in the pursuit of personal maturity. That happens when the two cultures meet, when questions about their personal identity are raised, and when all of that makes the traveler take a stand. This process tends to be quite painful, long and uncertain. That is the reason why we were established - to be a safe guide through this experience.

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" I always dreamt of the day I would make my first international trip. In my head, it would only happen after my 30s, when I thought about the "financial stability and independence”. One time, a friend from my church gave me a guide about London and told me I should translate it because I would need it. Three years went by and the best part is: I USED IT! When I started planning the program I had no money saved, no financial reserve, but that was God’s plan. "Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans” (Prov. 16:3). And that is what I did. This exchange program changed my life, I lived the supernatural with God. I was worried about the migration, flight connection, and other things, but I saw God in everything! God was in the smallest things! I had days full of love and grace! I spent three days in Brighton, living the real ALL IN, and I had the best time. Christ changed me, and the best part is that He is still doing it, the experiences did not stop there! Remember Joshua 1:9, BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS, just do it! God is calling you to live the best beside Him. "

“I usually say that God has different ways of surprising us, and each day that goes by He proves me this, and if I could write in a single word everything I lived in Christchurch, this word would be 'amazing'. I'm sure that this was the best experience of my life, and from the moment I got here, God spoke to me in many ways, and it has been the most gratifying thing in the world. I met incredible people, each one of them inclined to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. Everything here significantly marked my life, in my heart now lives the purest feeling of gratitude.”

“The exchange program was an essential part for me to understand God's purpose in my life. It is a mistake to think that to go through a Christian exchange program, you need to go to a specific missionary base or serve a church from the place you are going. I didn't do any of this, my goal was to learn English, but I was surprised by the strong presence of God at every moment of my trip. His power during those days in London and Paris was different. I think it was beautiful and interesting to see the Lord acting in the lives of people from other cultures and histories. CESE was essential in this and made the difference for being an institution that really believes in the purpose of a trip like this. I love everyone in this company and they have become very dear to me!”

“For me, it was a life-changing experience, because the exchange program offers this exchange of cultures and languages. Meeting people from other counties widened my perspective, my horizons, and made me grow not only professionally, but also spiritually.”

“Have you ever had a dream? Probably, right? Well, maybe the answer is “yes”, “no”, or even “I think it will never happen”. For more than 10 years I dreamt of meeting another country. During this time, I believed and stopped believing it would come true, then I got tired of waiting (Prov.13:12), believed again, cried and stopped crying, tried and it didn’t work… However, in this process, the Lord taught me that His plans were better than mine (Isa. 55:8-9), that everything will happen at the right time (Eccles. 3:1), and that I should trust, delight, deliver and rest in Him (Ps. 37:3-7), and then everything will be aligned. This year, He made my dream come true. I went to Brighton, and even when I felt sick I was at peace because I knew He was (and still is) in control and would take care of me. In the trip, He taught me about trust, perseverance, friendship, lightness, and communication. He showed me He is a fun, considerate, provider, and satisfying God (Ps. 23:1). And do you know what's best? He is still teaching me about this. He is and does things without limits when it comes to where, how, and when. Do you have a dream? Great. Hold it tight and get ready. Whatever comes from Him will come true. “

“When I started wanting to go on a trip by myself and have this exchange experience, my surroundings took me to CESE. Everything I wanted to match the principles and the trips that they offered, and so I chose them. I decided to go to Christchurch, England. During the process of preparing for the trip, I considered changing everything, but at this moment I had huge support from the agency, which gave me all the information that I needed, but mostly, it supported me emotionally and guided me so that I made the right choice again. All the calls, emails, and training made my trip much easier. I think that this preparation is one of the best things at CESE. At the same time that I was scared, I felt relaxed, that is why I was able to enjoy, even my fears. I am very thankful to God for my exchange program, and for everything that happened. Of course, it wasn't perfect, but that's normal, it was from this imperfection that I learned more than I could have imagined. The trip lasted for a month, but my life was impacted forever.”

“Five years ago, I was in the beautiful mountains of Canada. I still remember the way I felt, frightened. I faced several weaknesses, not only in my English but in myself. I learned a lot after that, but mostly I saw how much I needed to learn. Growth is not something that happens from one day to another, it happens when we are stuck thinking about our fears, and I am grateful to look at the pictures of the trip and see how much I have grown. This makes me excited about how much more I can grow. Listen, next time you worry about the unknown: don’t. ”

About your exchange

The Marias of Intercâmbio Cristão

Maria Lygia


We are two sisters from Curitiba and we were in a christian student exchange program when we were younger. This experience changed our lives in a way that we want everyone to have the same chance we had!

Maria Lygia is married to Filipe, mother of 3, and we can say she is also the mama bear of our exchange students! She is the oldest sister that knows how to lead the way when things are new and scary! A natural born artist, she sees the beauty in humanity and in the journey of going abroad as well. She, along with our team, will prepare you to live a life-changing experience.

Chica (Maria Francisca) is Maria Lygia’s youngest sister. Married to Samuel, they have a dog called Monet. She loves to dream and to plan journeys full of adventures! She is a thrilling person that sees the horizon even when other people have lost their hope, and with our team, she will help our students to find their ideal destination

Besides Maria and Chica, our team is made of people who see business as mission and will be ready to help our students and partners with their needs. They are qualified and experienced professionals that engage and care, real people supporting real people!

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